Safe Transitions


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As the Quality Improvement Organization for Rhode Island, Healthcentric Advisors is working with provider communities across the state to improve transitions of care for Rhode Islanders via the Integrating Care for Populations and Communities (ICPC) aim.

The Problem...

Transitions of care from one health care provider to another can often be a bumpy ride for the patient, caregivers, and providers.  Poorly-executed care transitions result in, low patient satisfaction, high costs, and sub-optimal results.

Astoundingly, 20.3% of adults hospitalized in Rhode Island are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days

What YOU can do...

Individual providers are implementing evidence-based interventions to address their own opportunities, working collaboratively to improve transitions of care for the communities they serve, and coming together in an "all teach-all learn" state-wide Learning & Action Network (LAN).

1) Collaborate! Share best practices, tools and resources with the LAN tools:

  • Listserv
  • Sharing Portal
  • Quarterly Cross-setting "all teach- all learn" learning sessions
    • Save the dates
    • Participate - look for registration information on  the listserv and sharing portal

2) Partner! RI has 4 community coalitions (Greater Providence, Newport, Warwick,and Washington County) led by providers & supported by a Healthcentric Advisors' liaison. Contact Lynne Chase to learn more.

3) Take action! Implement evidence-based best practice interventions and let us help you measure and highlight your success!


For more information about the ICPC Aim, the Safe Transitions LAN, or Community Coalitions contact Lynne Chase, Senior Program Administrator – Safe Transitions Program